Bike rental:

Montevideo is a small, cozy city with few reliefs. If we add to this its security, moderate traffic and the majestic coast of the Platense River with its beautiful beaches we find an environment that is ideal to be traveled, admired and enjoyed by bicycle. We are professionals in what we do and above all we love to ride a bicycle. By renting any of our units you are assured:

  • Units in perfect working order
  • Possibility of choosing the type of bicycle that best suits your concerns and / or needs
  • Mechanical assistance service or replacement of the unit in any part of the city in the face of possible mechanical failures
  • We have bikes also for children and with chairs so that the little ones can also enjoy the ride
  • Delivery service (free) to any part of the city; If you can not come to find your bike, there is no problem, we will take it and we will find it.